Our Competitions

Here are the details about and the rules for all of our  on-air competitions.


Throughout the day, Monday to Friday, you'll hear The WIRELESS WONDER, a competition in which we invite you to identify the artist and title of a song from a very short clip. Email your answer to wirelessclub@outlook.com

The prize for identifying the clip starts at just £1 (GB sterling) and rises by £100 each day (Monday to Friday) until we reach £1,001. Each week day we'll check out the emails at 1.30 to see if anyone has got the correct answer. The winner will be the first correct answer we have opened.

If no correct answer has been received by the time the prize pot is at £1,001 then we will reveal the answer and start again with a new mystery voice and a £1 prize. 

You'll find CLUES to the identity of our mystery voice on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheWireless


Any winning contestant is ineligible to win any competition on The Wireless for the following 30 days.

Entries may only be entered via the email wirelessclub@outlook.com - no other entry method is valid including text, postal mail or phone call.

The prize amount won will be the amount declared when the winner is announced on The Wireless. The amount is determined by the time the entry is received. 

The decision of The Wireless is final.