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You may have noticed that Gary, Susie and Rob have been splitting up the day on The Wireless. Up to now, like no other radio station we've been taking it in turns to do all day. There are two reasons for this, firstly the Wireless was for a while a radio station for people volunteering in Age UK shops and as they worked all day - so did we. The second reason is that we all also have other jobs in the media. More of that elsewhere, but as we have other jobs too and we all travel a lot it was and may still be a convenient way for us to operate The Wireless.

Anyway we decided to split the day on a trial basis this week and see if it worked for both you as a WirelessClub member and us. We may give it another week and then review the situation. However, we'd like to know what you think. Probably it doesn't make any difference because the music is the same but if you've got a view, email us at wirelessclub@outlook.com

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